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Converting a Perception Swing Kayak to Sailing

November 23, 2012
Sea Trial 2

The challenge has been to spend as little as possible, so there is no pretence that this is the ultimate system.
Material costs for sail & rudder systems …….  NZ$120-140

Reaching  Reaching

Masts are 1.8m long & the materials are: 20mm pvc pipe,
with a 16mm pipe glued inside to increase stiffness.
Sail is spinnaker cloth sewn on a home sewing machine.
1.5m across the top & the size is 1.5 sq.m.
Continuous bungee cord holds the masts forward.
Sheet ropes & jam cleats control sail settings.

Running  Running

Should be fun riding small waves on the afternoon sea-breeze!

Rudder Rudder system

Stainless Steel, shaped with a grinder. I thought it should have good leverage
below the waterline.
The hinge is mahogany & allows lifting for coming ashore.
PVC pipe fittings  for the shaft & sleeve which is glued & screwed to the stern.

Foot controls Rudder Foot Controls

These foot controls are clumsy & will be upgraded using the Foot Rest Slides.
The sail is stowed by pulling back to one side & securing with a velcro strap.

Twin fins  Experimental Twin Fins

Made from a rimu  plank &  not expected to last for long.
Utilised the moulded grooves in the bottom & fixed from the top
thru the drain holes.
Seems to reduce drift & still fits on the roof-racks

Universal joint  The Universal Joint.

Because the deck is flat the only way to spread the sail wide for down-wind
is to get the angles right on the base.
Rubber hose connects the pipe fittings & allows some flexibility
when adjusting to reaching.
This was too flexible once a 12 knot breeze attacked the system.
Added an insert of garden hose & a 5 mm brass rod.
Flexibility is retained by adjusting the hose clips at either end.

Now looking forward to a summer of sailing & discovering the boundaries!


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