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The Maze – a short story

October 16, 2012

From the west, dark clouds are scudding toward the mountaintops, pausing to build up pressure before spilling down the lee slopes, seeking to over-run the sunny plains.

But! No one was looking upwards……not an umbrella in sight. Absolutely no foresight!

Imagine a psychic weather forecaster…. “A sunny morning for all you souls in Christchurch, but the cards are turning up showery for the afternoon & there’s a car accident for Jason @ 11.59pm”.

Anyway, Under the lurking gloom, the adventurers’ body walked on automatic, like so many in the city, brain re-processing desires, dreams & problems from a point of view conveniently located at the centre of the universe.

In the cast of my adventurous middle-aged friend (Rooster), there is the X-Hen, the Young Chick, the Mother Hen (who is younger than he is) & his son who is about the same age as the Young Chick.

There are ethics, destiny flows, tides of love & emotion & morality.
What a word that is!
Morality – it should never be used alone but always prefaced by MY.
Why should I even try to imitate?

Society differs between generations, city & country, religious & spiritual or none, systems of governance & the weight of nations’ history & culture. Change has been accelerating as the “seekers of the sixties” have been taking over power & easing off the hand brake. Here & now, there is more freedom than ever to express yourself, be yourself & maximize your potential as a spiritually aspiring human being.

If you were a battered husband 30yrs ago, the neighbours closed their curtains. Now they are getting phone video evidence for YouTube.No longer do you have to live out the illusion of a perfect & happy marriage. You can choose, choose & choose until you run out of money & time.

Ah “selfish” I hear you say! Well sometimes what you say may be true, but sometimes it may not, doing the judging is paralyzing. For god sake!   Decisions & indecisions both can cause pain.

Sometimes you are inside a recycler & the rubbish is compressing you in on all sides, but there can still linger, sufficient faith to take an action, which can be like a miracle or an act of the insanely weird.

It depends on whether your guilt rises with the full moon or if the golden rays of a fresh day can sustain you until sleep removes reality. It may depend on who is judging you, but in the middle of the haunting night, there is only you.

Families are multi-coloured cords of energies, linking individuals together for a certain space in time ……. or time in space.

Did we choose our families before birth? Did we all sit around at a meeting chaired by Karma to discuss our next lives together?  Questions unanswerable, we grope our way in the lurking gloom, seeking light even if we do not know it.
We utilize our rational mind to judge our feelings & it rarely works. Our feelings are confused by others feelings, but we desperately want to practice Right Thought, Right Action & follow the Right Path for peace, happiness & harmony.

There is a carrot to lead us & a stick to beat us onwards & each minute of the day you make your choices.
Is acting with a conscience really just the inability to cope with guilt?
Where does guilt come from?
A Muslim does not feel guilty about polygamy but a Christian dominated society mostly abhors it.
Perhaps somewhere deep inside each individual is a secret blueprint & there is a preferred path mapped out with a full list of options available, including free choice at any given moment.

Perhaps the real problem is one of Navigation. The art of navigating hearts has occupied minds ad infinitum with libi-do & libi-dumb. If only we could convert this stress~energy to electrons, it would be of benefit to mankind.
But nooo………
… we still seem to navigate blind. It’s like some crappy game show isn’t it?
You get ejected…that’s right! e x p e l l e d from the womb & as soon as you start walking & talking, the game starts.

What do we want out of life? Who do we want to do it with?
Who do we want to do it to? Do we have a common path, a common goal & can we communicate that?
Do I know you from the past? What’s the attraction?
Is it the body, the soul, the sex & or the cooking?
Then there is Timing.
There must be a Right Time to take the Right Action….complicating & multiplying confusion!

Our minds are a bunch of Questions & here is another one…….
Who will be the lucky person to get all the actions right & pass into Paradise?
Of course we men spend all our lives with the Pearly Gates pretty much on the brain & preferably close at hand, it’s part of the burden of being a man & having your brain washed with testosterone whenever a perfect 10 walks by & you turn your head to admire the departing buttocks……Who cares about the face now!

Of course we all get cursed by the spell of sex, it could strike at any time & blow away all concepts of Right & Wrong, or is it Destiny in motion like a senna inspired bowel action? In the meantime men AND women still dance to ancient rhythms,
to the same racing pulse, inhaling the same intoxicating oxygen.
For 200,000+ years we have sought partners & breeders or studs as though we are not whole unless we are partnered & we MUST reproduce, driven by the survival of the fittest & god knows what else. Except, we do not need that now……

There is a Power out there & it Dines on our inner struggles, it Dines on our ignorance, it Exalts in blocking out any memory of past lives or route maps for this life. It is  Amused by our tail chasing antics & it must be well Entertained by the billions of soap operas running concurrently in each individual life.
In addition, there is a simple drive combined with such complexities & perplexities.
Look out for the under-currents of sex, in the mind & in the body, which attracts & bonds & weaves a magic or can be used & abused.

The challenging weaving of souls ……. ah yes, it cannot avoid  becoming mystical Can it ?!?!

Anyway, far too much digression, back to the true part of the story!

Rooster is a married man but in his travels, he encounters a beautiful young Asian student, 30 years his junior.
This will change his life, his codes, everything! Complex manoeuvrings result in her becoming a student at his place of employment, an Institute of education.

From then on, his marriage deteriorates, he moves out to “get some space” & think. However, does he really think & with what? Young Chick secretly moves in with Rooster & even when her mother comes to visit, they act out a charade, deceiving her for 2 weeks.
Eventually the manipulative Young Chick decides that this arrangement is guilt forming & insists on getting married.
Rooster is now in a huge dilemma – He is already married – His wife knows NOTHING! How can he please his young goddess?

Neurons flash & collide as the low pressure system from the west leaks closer. He takes out a handkerchief & blows his nose – YUK! Sperm! Yes, his brain, having been completely supplanted, is now hanging in a cooling sack between his legs!
Yes, yes, yes, the ecstasy of inspiration!!!
A call to a lawyer in Mumbai & the divorce is secretly under way!The Registry Office is very accommodating, they just take your word that you are free to marry & set a date.

A restaurant is booked & invitations posted. None sent to the bride’s family & none sent to his family.
Oh, dear!

This Adventurer like billions before & after is so totally obsessed that he failed to see the obvious emerging in front of him.
The ground under-foot had changed without him noticing a thing.
It is now green & spongy & a bit moist, perhaps from a few drops of rain, perhaps not ……
And there was the small matter of a stumble as if a lip had formed as the toe was rising & colliding……

Ah! Such a small sign & still no Notice as the level terrain began to slope into a Slippery angle, steeper & steeper until

WHOOOSH !!!……..

……. a slimy slide into a pond of fetid water.

The light fades as that trippy lip rises & encloses & reveals

the true owner of the pond.

Venus Fly Trap

smiled & settled down for a long night.



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